Fern Gully Wooden Furniture

Everything in Fern Gully Forest Cabins is designed and hand crafted by Robert Legg.

Self taught, Rob has build from his ideas straight to a master piece, all the wood used has been uniquely sourced and turned into a original piece. 

We have a few pieces available for sale. 

Swing Chair

Inspired by American country living, this swing chair is made from meranti timber & stand bent pine. 

Table & Bench Set

Family & Friends table and bench set made from "Sleepers and hard wood". This solid piece of furniture is time less and would make a perfect addition to any home.

Single Table

This light multi shaded brown table is made from Rhodesian teak wood inlay and edged with yellow wood,.  

Single Table 

Very old Oregon Pine wood used for this table, Multi layered wood used to create a unique natural pattern.

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